{Blue Christmas Without You}: A Palette of Powder Blue, Gray, Sky Blue + White


{Powder Blue, Gray, Sky Blue + White}

Winter weddings are a time for bringing out all kinds of beautiful colors. For me, cool blues and subdued grays have always been on the top of my Winter weddings color list. Perhaps it’s because these colors look perfect against a snowy landscape? Whatever the case may be… one thing is for sure, I’m smitten with this pretty little palette. Soft, elegant and all kinds of pretty, this is the stuff that Winter weddings are made of. {continued…}

Isn’t this bride simply stunning? Her blue eyes are sparkling like crazy! Oh, and I’m loving how she’s wearing her hair down! Not to mention her lovely hairpiece by designer, Lucy Marshall. I think what I like most about this wedding palette is the fact that it isn’t overdone. It’s simple elegance is the sort that brides often try hard to achieve. And who could blame them? So what do you think? Do you like how shades of blue blend with gray and white?

Last modified: September 7, 2018