{Spring Shades}: Shades of Orange, Green + White

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{Shades of Orange, Green + White}

When it comes to color, do you find yourself attracted to bold color palettes that surprise you? You know… these are the sort of colors that make your head turn. You know the ones. These are the sort of colors that make you step back and say ”wow, I would have never even thought to use those colors together, but surprisingly I like it.” And maybe you take the leap and actually use said ”unique” palette or maybe you simply admire it from afar. Either way, you’ve opened your mind to something a tad unexpected and that feels good…doesn’t it? {continued…}

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{top row}: lovely bouquet, cake by a bryan photo, newlyweds,{bottom row}: via prettynecklaces, peach cocktail, calligraphy, bouquet.Details We LoveCake Design + Lovely Bouquet

I for one have seen my fair share of peach and green weddings, but have you seen too many bright green and orange weddings? Nope… me either. I think what works with bright, bold palettes like these is when you’re able to strike a balance between big bold statements and softer elements. For instance, take this cake design for example. It’s a tad on the bold side, but it ties into the overall look for the day and is softened by other elements like this romantic bouquet.