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Seeing that color is at the heart of this site, I have to admit that when I first found this color chart a few years back I was instantly smitten. Because what’s not to love about finding out what your favorite colors say about you? I’ve always loved the idea that there is meaning behind the colors that you’re attracted to! My only issue with this little exercise is that I think I have an appreciation for so many colors – that it’s tough to narrow down my favorites! But at first glance, I’m really liking curry, peacock, papaya and fig! But ask me again next week and I’m sure I’d have a different answer! As for whether the descriptions ring true – aside from a few little things, I would definitely say that they have my personally pegged!So tell me….are you seeing any of your favorite colors featured here? And if so…does the description match your personality? Thanks to our friends over at Paper Source for creating such a fun color chart!You Might Also Like…

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