{Wedding Colors I Love}: Something Blue! And Purple too!

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Happy Friday, friends! Today I’m excited because I have a seriously pretty palette to share with you. Purple mixed with blue is definitely a palette we’ve explored before here on the Perfect Palette. Perhaps you remember seeing this palette? But did you remember how pretty these colors could truly be together? I’m absolutely smitten this softer version. With lavenders and shades of aqua… these colors are truly swoon worthy.

{bridesmaid dresses, ring pillownecklace, festive balloons via 8footsix, cake display, floral dress}


{bridesmaid dresses: rosette purple dress, freesia dress, iris purple dress}

I think what I love most about these colors is that you can really use this palette all year round! Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, this palette works effortlessly for any season. I suggest mixing in hints of brown and mint to add a touch of unexpected interest. Love the looks of those beautiful bridesmaid dresses? Yeah, me too! I’m absolutely obsessed with that floral print dress and I love how this trio of bridesmaids each have their own unique look. So tell me, how are you liking this pretty little palette?