7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit Despite a Busy Schedule


Health and fitness are not solely associated with diet and gym only. There are a lot of other factors that affect both physical and mental health in the long run. Most of us are too busy throughout the day and have almost no time to cook a healthy meal or take time out for gym.

If you are also one of such individuals and you certainly feel that your health is at stake while you spend hours working, you need to know the tips I am about to share. A few tips and tricks can actually help improve your overall health and fitness. All you need is some will-power and consistency for the best results. If you have got them both, do not stop reading!

Choose Physical Activity over Comfort

Most of us like the comfort of travelling in cabs and metros rather than walking all the way to the tram or to the workplace. If you want to get fit without the need to spend hours at gym, increase your physical activity whichever way you can. For instance, walk to your workplace or back home, choose stairs over elevator and stretch your body every morning for about 5 to 10 minutes to activate the muscles. It is not always mandatory to head to gym for workout. Avail every chance to move your body and flex your muscles by walking, cycling, running and lifting.

Stimulate the Mind

Whenever you get some spare time, play some games that require a lot of thinking and focus. Such brainy games like chess and mathematical quizzes do not only improve your intellect but also help stimulate the mind and improve overall mental health in the long run. Just like physical activity puts a positive impact on the body, brainy games and mental activity helps improve mental health as well. You can also engage in activities that require the use of imagination and a lot of focus like painting, sculpting and the like.

Detox the Body

You must know that there are a lot of toxins that take place inside the body and it is essential to flush them out of your body before they attack your immune system, damage your skin and affect your overall health. There are different methods to detoxify the body and the simplest yet the most ignored one is drinking enough water.

I suggest you to keep a bottle of water with you to track your intake properly. You can add chia seeds to your water as they are great for detoxification. Also, drink green tea two to three times a day as it helps keep the toxins at bay and improves the metabolic rate as well. Cut down on processed food as it only puts your health in danger in the long run and causes toxins to build inside the body.

Eat Healthy Snacks Only

I do not get why people only prefer unhealthy processed snacks while there are tons of healthy and organic options to go for. Yes, healthy snacking is actually a thing and you can find many snacks that are great to munch on and are also very conveniently available at stores. My favorite healthy snacks that I keep with myself are corns, cashews and popcorns. I pop it myself using a cheap hot air popper I bought online. You can find healthy alternatives if you are willing enough.

Add More Protein and Fiber to Your Diet

All nutrients are important for the body but fiber-filled diet does not only satiate your cravings but also helps improve the metabolic rate and keeps the stomach healthy. Protein on the other hand works like an energy booster and it keeps you full for hours. Therefore, if you are a very busy individual and you often skip lunch due to workload, make sure you take loads of protein and fiber in your breakfast to stay energized and full throughout the day.

Take Time Out for Friends and Family

Sometimes, you are completely healthy and fit and yet you feel a void in your life that keeps you mentally distressed. Do you ever wonder what it is? It usually occurs because you are not emotionally satisfied and happy. That is what you are missing and that is what affects the overall mental health and keeps you depressed even if everything is going alright in your life.

Therefore, take time out for your friends and family and spend as much time as possible with them. Sharing your thoughts and feelings helps keep you emotionally strong and mentally peaceful. Arrange a fancy lunch with your loved one in the lunch break you get or spend your weekend at a farm house with friends for a change.

Cut Down on Unhealthy Activities

We tend to get used to some unhealthy habits or addiction in our daily lives that may not seem to put an impact at the moment. However, they can cause a great damage to the health in the long run. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy and active in the long run, cut down on such unhealthy habits and try to find a healthier alternative. For instance, if you are an avid smoker of marijuana or nicotine, you can consider shifting to vape which is a much better alternative with using eliquids instead of smoking tobacco. Similarly, if you are into snacking on chips and sugary drinks, substitute them with fresh juices and healthy snacks.


I hope you found the above tips helpful. Incorporating these few habits in your daily routine can greatly help improve your overall health while keeping your weight well-maintained as well. Remember that sticking to them is the key to a healthier body and mind. Merely trying them out for a week or two won’t make such a big difference. So, add them to your to-do list along with all the other things on it and say hello to a healthier YOU!

Author Bio:

Currently a student of English Literature, in his final years, James Martin is passionate about writing his thoughts into words. He takes up writing projects in his leisure time to accompany his studies. Generally, understands the essence of writing on every topic, but especially those that relates to his field.

Last modified: November 14, 2018