Fashion Guide: 5 Fashion Essentials For Men


Have you noticed that whenever you scan an online clothing store, the men’s section is usually unimaginative, plain, and just dull to look at? Sure, the fashion industry is gravitating more towards women but you don’t need to spend a fortune on designer clothing to look your very best. Developing your own style takes time and active experimentation.

Men may not be that keen to try out new garments but little do they know that some pieces can actually do wonders not just to their appearance but also their confidence. If you feel like your choice of clothing need revamping or don’t know where to start with reinventing yourself, here are 5 fashion staples every modern man needs to have in his wardrobe.

Classy leather bag

No, women are not the only demographics known to carry bags. Men also have a wide array of options to choose from. Whether you are into classic leather bags for guys or desire to enhance your office styling with lifelong Italian attorney briefcases, a well-crafted piece can create a poise of elegance like no other.

Leather bags are the very definition of practicality, durability, and fashionability – so definitely consider investing in one. The veg-tanned designs are not only aesthetically superior because they develop a unique patina as they gracefully age but they will probably outlive you, too.

A well-tailored suit

Of course, you should never judge a book solely by its cover but a well-tailored suit does make a man, there are no two ways about it. It creates an air of sophistication around the wearer and with the right choice of color and design, you can transform yourself into a proper gentleman or business go-getter. Do you know your measures?

Head down to your local tailor and see how much weight you’ve put on in the recent years. A suit needn’t be only fashionable but also comfortable. Definitely consider hitting the gym and sculpting those muscles before hiring someone to sew one for you. Why? The end result will be jaw-dropping. Masculine elegance 100%.

Jeans – and not just the blue ones

Show off that ass in a pair of sexy jeans. And don’t just go buying the regular Levi’s designs. Sure, they are universal and the very definition of durability but opt for other colors and materials, too. Naturally, you can never go wrong with black jeans but the goal here is to spice up your wardrobe with all sorts of hues.

Give your style some diversity. Not only will it help you reflect your current mood but ladies love a man who can show off some style. If you’ve got chiseled legs to die for, by all means, find designs which can emphasize your manly attributes.


Their purpose isn’t only to weather the cold but to create that powerful masculine poise and enhance your overall appearance. A quality long coat strikes respect to other people. It is a powerful piece of clothing, which a proper gentleman simply cannot go without. Just by wearing a refined coat design makes you feel ten feet tall so no wonder why it is a fashion staple for many sophisticated men.

Shoes, belts, and accessories

Shoes may not be as comfortable as sneakers when you try them on for the first time but no sneakers can match the level of class a quality pair of shoes can bring. Also, etiquette dictates that shoes always require a matching belt so when you purchase your very own pair, don’t forget to complement them with a same-colored girdle. And when your entire outfit is complete, it is time to add accessories for finishing touches. This includes elegant watches, sexy sunglasses, and maybe just one ring to show you like wearing some high-toned bling.


Elegance is an individual category. What one man finds stylish may be completely uninteresting to the other. But with these 5 fashion staples for men, you will effectively demonstrate your sense of style and masculine grace. Maturity also comes with dignified pieces of clothing so what are you going to be – a grown-up kid or a proper gentleman who knows how to rock his clothes?

Last modified: November 28, 2018