A New Approach to Hair Care


Did you know that around half of all women will experience some hair loss by the time they reach the age of 50? Although it’s often thought of as a male problem, hair loss affects women too, and for all sorts of reasons. It’s a well-kept secret because the stigma is often worse. Women who are affected go to great lengths to conceal it with careful styling, hair weaves, scarves, hats or wigs – but what if you could actually treat it?

A neglected issue

For a long time, the hair care industry has focused on hair loss solutions for men. Because they interfere with the way hormones work, these are not suitable for women and can even be dangerous. They also tend to revolve around types of hair loss that are less common in women. Even styling needs to be understood in a gender-sensitive way. Women are unlikely to benefit from comb-overs but they may need to position hair carefully to hide bald spots caused by alopecia, for which they’ll need spray, mousse or gel, and that needs to be carefully chosen so it doesn’t exacerbate the problem.

Holistic hair loss solutions

Resolving hair loss issues requires joined-up thinking because there are usually multiple factors involved. In many cases, stress is a big contributor, and this can create a vicious cycle because hair loss is stressful in itself. Existing hair needs to be protected and plumping it up in a healthy way can make it look thicker. Breakage often needs to be reduced, which is most easily done by restoring elasticity. It’s important not to forget the scalp, which is often where the problem starts, because it may need intensive reconditioning.

The Viabrance hair revival system

The Viabrance brand brings together treatments for several of these problems in one product – or, rather, in a group of products which you can use together for a holistic solution. Its key ingredient is minoxidil, a known hair follicle stimulant which promotes new growth, but it also incorporates vitamins to help fuel that growth, and proteins to strengthen existing hair fibers. By helping to keep both hair and scalp hydrated it makes it easier to protect growing hair and maintain fuller coverage overall.

Long-term hair care

If you are successful in establishing new hair growth or if you just want to make sure you keep the hair that you still have, it’s important to make sensible decisions about your ongoing hair care regime. Cut out products that stress or dry the hair. If you have an oily scalp and need to use a product with astringent properties, make sure that it also contains moisturizers. Cut out heat styling or, if you must do it, apply a thermal protection spray beforehand. Always hold long hair close to the root when combing and don’t use styles that pull your hair tight. Finally, don’t wash it too often – for most people, twice a week is optimal.

Giving your hair and scalp the love and attention they deserve can do a lot to slow down hair loss or even bring it to a halt, and few things are as exciting as seeing new growth. What’s more, the better you feel about your hair, the healthier it’s likely to stay.

Last modified: January 22, 2019