Keeping Busy On Your Island Getaway


There are few things in this world that are quite as relaxing and rejuvenating as taking some time off and escaping to a pristine island somewhere far away from civilisation. An island getaway is the perfect way to recharge your batteries after a long year dealing with the busy city life and the office, and flying off to a tropical paradise.

But coming from a life where you’re constantly busy means that it’s difficult for you to simply sit down and relax in the sunning for more than a few hours – which is a common problem that many vacation-goers face after a couple of days at the resort they’re staying at. It doesn’t take long before you start to wish you had more to do – apart from enjoying live AFL betting in your hotel room – but luckily there are a number of fantastic ways of keeping yourself entertained without all the stress of queues and traffic.

1. Take Photos

Taking photos is the staple of any good holiday; photographs are the perfect way of preserving a perfect moment that you experienced while adventuring around the island. All you need is a camera or a smartphone, and you can begin to document all the sights and places that you encounter during your stay. You don’t need to be a trainer photographer to be able to capture those moments that will become fond memories to you in the future.

2. Try Local Cuisine

Going on holidays means having the chance to break away from your the diet you were on before you left, and there’s no better way of doing this than trying out the local cuisine. Island nations are known for creating incredible seafood dishes that introduce newcomers to all the different tastes and smells of the ocean’s bounty. From freshly caught fish to lobster dishes, finding a local dining spot is a wonderful way to spend a clear, beautiful evening with a family member or loved one.

3. Go Snorkelling/Diving

Island getaways inherently mean that you will be close to the ocean for most of your stay, which is the perfect opportunity to try out snorkelling or diving in the local coastal areas. While diving takes a little bit of training and can be a bit more on the expensive side, being able to traverse the coastline and witness all the incredible sea life is an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for something simpler, grabbing some cheap snorkelling gear and heading to the local rock pools will allow you to come face-to-face with the incredible creatures and plants that inhabit the coast.

4. Shopping

Everyone loves shopping, and being on an island means that you will undoubtedly have access to some kind of nearby market. Whether it’s a fresh food market or an assortment of stalls promoting a plethora of local creations, you can spend some time picking out some truly unique items to take back with you to give as presents or to as reminders of your adventure.

Last modified: January 28, 2019