Making Use of Old Household Objects


In today’s world driven by consumption, we produce incredible amounts of waste that invariably finds its way into the landfills of the world. Not only does it cost us more to replace certain items, but its bad for the health of the environment, and creates waste where there should otherwise be none.

One way to get around this common problem is to take old everyday household items and turn them into practical and helpful things that can have benefits for both your bank account and the earth.

These items can be anything from old clothing to empty glass jars, and all of it can be turned into something useful for the house.

1. Turning Old Light Bulbs into Candles

Candles are wonderful to have around the house: they provide brilliant lighting, and they can help you take a relaxing bath after a long day. The only problem with candles is they eventually run out and leave a mess of wax after they’re finished.

Old light bulbs make wonderful candles, and involve you taking out the inner pieces and filling them with flammable oil, adding a wick to the end of the light bulb, and using it as a long-term lamp that can be refilled as many times as you need.

2. Old Sauce Bottles into a Pancake Squirter

Tomato sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, and almost all sauces come in plastic bottles that you eventually need to throw away. But they also make wonderful pancake dispensers, allowing you to fill them up with butter and create perfectly round pancakes on your pan.

3. Old Bottles as Light Fixtures

This one is extremely easy to do, and can provide a warm and comforting glow to any household. After a glass bottle is empty, and it’s got a shade of glass that would cast a warm glow in a room, feed a light bulb through the top into the bottle and seal off the top.

The bottle will hang suspended from the ceiling, and because of the many shapes, sizes, and colours of the bottles, they can provide a unique lighting solution for any part of the house, whether it’s your television room where you commune or simply where you kick back on the couch and enjoy online pokies.

4. Old Clothing

One of the most versatile materials in the world is fabric, and old clothing can be turned into just about anything. Old shirts can be made into pillowcases, and old towels can be used to replace kitchen paper.

As long as you have a basic idea of sewing and how fabric fits together, old clothing can be upcycled into just about anything imaginable and allows you to create household materials without having to buy everything brand new.

5. Old CD Cases as Cable Organisers

Those old, round CD cases that everyone has in their home can take up valuable space, and don’t serve much of a purpose now that most people have turned to digital for their multimedia needs.

Taking the old cases and using them to store long cables spiralled up is a good way of freeing up space at home.

Last modified: January 31, 2019