The Top Accessories to Take Travelling



Travelling properly takes patience and effort, and means having the right gear to take on any situation. When we’re at home, we have everything we need to face our day-to-day activities, but when we’re out in the countryside or in a foreign country where we can speak the language, having the proper equipment can make a world of difference.

But we can’t simply pack our bags with everything we have at home, so the next best option is to find smaller, compact accessories that make travelling a breeze. From the right bags to international charging adapters, these are the must-have accessories for those wanting to explore the world.

1. Multi USB Port

USB has become the standard for both data transfer and charging and having one available always is necessary.

Almost all electronic devices in the world charge and exchange information via USB technology, and being in a foreign country without one can make things far more difficult than they need to be.

2. Document Holder

While we like to think that our smartphone and/or laptop is the most important item to look after while travelling, our travel documents – such as our passport and spare cash – are vital and must not be lost under any circumstances.

The best way to avoid a bad situation is by having a handy document holder and organiser that you can always keep close to your body. This means that even if someone somehow manages to rob you of all your stuff, or you simply lose it, you will have all the paperwork necessary to get back home.

3. Water Bottle

Having a supply of fresh, clean water around always is imperative, especially if you find yourself travelling through a developing country that may not have the best water treatment systems.

Or maybe you’re toughing it through the wilderness and need access to clean water; whatever the case, keeping a sturdy water bottle with you always is important.

4. Power Bank

In today’s world we rely on technology more than ever, but sometimes we find that we’re unable to gain access to a wall outlet for charging, especially if we’re travelling on the bus or by plane and you want to listen to music or play online blackjack.

To avoid having a dead phone, invest in a power bank. They come in all shapes, sizes, and charges, and while some versions are more expensive, they are able to charge your device more than once before depleting.

5. Money Belt

Having cash while travelling is a reliable safety net should anything go wrong. The problem is that keeping money in a wallet can be a dangerous move, especially if it goes missing or gets stolen. One way to mitigate this problem is with a money belt.

A money belt acts much in the same way as a regular belt, but it also has a special compartment on the inside lining where cash can be stored safely.  

Last modified: January 31, 2019