3 Hobbies to Fill Up Your Weekend


You may be at that point in life where your kids have left the house and now you have a ton of extra time on your hands that needs to be filled. Now you may have a normal job but now you don’t have to fill your weekends up with random activities geared towards your kids.

Cigar Smoking

If you have hours of empty space then learning about, and smoking cigars can be a fun new hobby. Many people across the world smoke cigars and they are easily imported giving you access to tobacco from all over the world. Tobacco can be extremely complicated to learn about since there are so many different types of leaves around as well as the aging processes used, and not to mention the method in which a Cigar is rolled. There is hand rolled as well as machine rolled. Buy filtered cigars has a great selection of 38 Special little cigars available.

Play Tennis

If you are trying to stay in shape but hate going to the gym then tennis is the perfect sport for you to learn. Of course it is better to learn at an earlier age so it can be learned a bit more naturally but there are some great pros around the country that can help someone first learning to play. It is such a great way to get, and stay in shape. As for cost it can be expensive depending on how often you play and if you buy a better quality racket or just go to Walmart and spend twenty dollars.

Get Your Pilots License

Getting your pilots license can be such an exciting thing. Single engine plains are actually pretty fun and easy to fly. To get your license it may be a pretty labor intensive process but in the end it is definitely worth it. It can actually be a hobby that you can share with your kids since once you get your license you can start teaching them how to fly as well.

Last modified: February 20, 2019