4 Interesting Things Startups are Adding to the Workplace


The workplace has been evolving rapidly over the past ten years. In the past it was silicon valley in California that was known for being innovative in the office. It started off with Google having flexible hours in the workplace along with free food and places to take a rest. Basically the goal of companies now is to bring all of the comforts from home into the workplace. In return, the employees are happier and work longer hours since being at the office is not as much of a drag as it used to be.


I know this sounds weird but many offices have beers on tap. No, employees are not drinking beer instead of their morning coffee at nine in the morning. Typically after five employees are allowed to hang around the office and drink beer while they work. I’m sure they are not as productive as they would be during the day but they are still there getting work done. If you are one of those people that also enjoy a smoke break at the office then check out these great Cigarette tubes which are cheaper than just buying a pack of smokes.

Food Pantry

Instead of giving employees an hour long lunch break each day many companies are now providing lunch in the office. It actually pays for itself in the end. If you have ten employees that are all being paid an average of twenty dollars and hour then you are wasting two hundred dollars a day. Instead the companies are just spending a little money to keep their employees working when they would normally have lunch.

Standing Desks/Innovative Personal Offices

Studies have shown that having a bunch of employees working in cubicles can actually be depressing leading to a loss in productiveness. Sometimes they can use a social media audit template.Standing desks are the new fad going around. It is grueling to have to sit in a chair for over eight hours a day. Many new companies are offering rooms with standing desks. Overall the workplace is evolving. This is just a small part of how the offices are changing but if you are working at a startup or own one then this should give you a good idea of wh

Last modified: July 15, 2019