America’s Favorite Past Times


There are many exciting pass times in America but only few have such a long history and tradition in American history to be considered among the favorite. The following list consists of some of these favorite pastimes.

1. Fireworks On The 4th of July

Everyone remembers their first 4th of July experience where everyone with their families were gathered together in the local park to see the fireworks set off. The smell of BBQ and Filtered Cigars bring the summer smell to the atmosphere that only a summer 4th of July Festival can bring. Because it goes back to the earliest days of the United States and its founding, it can certainly be said that the 4th of July is one of America’s favorite past times.

2. Sports Playing And Watching

Whether watching the local football game or watching the national hockey team in the olympics, Americans love their sports. Watching sports goes back for many years with the development of professional baseball and the rise of other sports such as basketball and football. Soccer is also growing in the United State as well a variety of other sports such as competitive eating. All of these contribute to the one of the all time favorite pastimes of sports watching in the United States

3. Hiking And Climbing

America has a history of exploring that dates as far back as the pioneers. Facing this land without any knowledge as to how far it went on for, many of the early settlers here had to venture out for themselves and discover new areas and territories. This has evolved to the creation of some of the most elaborate hiking and climbing paths to exist in the world today. With the diversity of American land, hiking and adventuring out in national parks and territories is certainly one of America’s favorite past times.

4. Arts And Entertainment

Not only is America artistic in many different ways, but it is also known for taking the lead in a wide variety of categories of art as well. The first movies and movie industry came to be in the United States which revolutionized the way many people share and receive art today. Even traditional forms of art, the U.S. remains one of the largest hubs for artists to share their works today which makes the arts and entertainment a major pass time as well.

The combination of all of these are great American pass times with deep roots into the history of the United States. Are there any other pastimes you think we missed? Let us know down below.

Last modified: February 20, 2019