The Major Components of a Quad Bike


Like any complex machine, a quad bike has literally thousands of components, and thanks to design improvements over the past few years, it is much easier to gain access to components. If you are the proud owner of an ATV, it is important to have a basic understanding of the inner workings, including a working knowledge of the main components, and with that in mind, here is a brief rundown of the major parts of a quad bike.

ATV Body Parts

The body parts are made from plastic that is moulded into shape, and these bolt onto corresponding fasteners, for easy removal. The parts include rear mud guards, which protect the rider from the mud and dirt that are forced out from the rear wheels, while there are panels to protect the engine and transmission, which can also be removed easily. If you are looking to buy a quad, there are road legal quad bikes for sale at Quadbikes R Us, who are the UK’s leading quad bike supplier, where you can find a range of new and used machines for sale.


Most quads have independent suspension for each wheel, which is essential when you negotiate rough terrain, and these units can easily be removed, should they ever need to be replaced. Suspension units are generally adjustable, which allows you to use the right settings for the type of terrain you are negotiating.

Exhaust System

This is usually hidden under the fairing to protect the rider and can easily be located by removing the panels and possibly the seat. By changing the exhaust, it is possible to squeeze a little more horsepower out of the engine, but unless you are competing at a professional level, this is not necessary.


Much like a motorcycle, a quad has handlebars for steering and many controls are attached to this, for easy control. The throttle is a twist grip, the same as a two wheeled motorcycle, while the clutch and front brakes are also handlebar mounted, as are light and ignition switches.

Protective Bars

There might be many of these, which protect the machine in the event of a collision, while they also offer the rider a level of protection. There is a single bar across the front that protects the machine and a few on the sides that offer protection to both machine and rider. There is also a chain guard, which is essential for both safety and protection.

Online Solutions

If you are in need of quad parts, the best place to start your quest is a Google search, and if you are based in the UK, there are online suppliers of all things quad related. Make sure you quote the right part numbers when ordering and always buy genuine parts for obvious reasons. If you are looking to buy your first quad bike, Yamaha is one of the best manufacturers and they have a wide range of models to suit every situation.

Last modified: March 18, 2019