Property investment remains a popular wealth-generating instrument across the globe. No matter where you are located in the world, real estate is an industry that proves to be capable of managing financial fluctuations more ruggedly than other investment alternatives such as stocks, shares and units. And where else would be the best place for you to start off your property investment endeavors, if not Dubai itself!

When it comes to purchasing real estate, there are plenty of things for you to consider, for you to maximize your potential output and minimize the losses. By purchasing a property, you will be committing yourself to a long-term responsibility of managing the property’s finances and mortgage. Here, the initial cost of buying a property itself would be very crucial for you, at the beginning. Hence, always consider buying an off-plan project first! In buying an off-plan property in Dubai, you are looking at much lower market prices and discounted offers by developers searching for customers for their new development plans. You may be looking at 10% to 30% discount rates which amount to tens of thousands of AED for you to save! As shared earlier, any amount saved in the beginning is very crucial for your own future expenses.

In terms of the potential capital returns that you will gain, off-plan properties offer you a higher yield for profitable returns on investment (ROI). Capitalizing on a cheaper initial cost of buying, the market price of your off-plan property will surely hike exponentially across its development phase. Bear in mind, property values are much more robust – economic fluctuations do not affect the marketable prices too much, although some may be expected during an economic slowdown of the industry. Still, properties are more generally subjected to value appreciation much more than any other available investment instrument.

By looking at this in a fresh perspective, if you buy an off-plan property in Dubai, you will also have the first right of refusal! Opting to own that dreamy house over at the upcoming Dubai Creek Beach Apartments or Dubai Creek Harbour projects? Here’s your chance! You will be looking to be among the first to own a property within a newfound community, thus enabling you to choose your preferred house unit, location and many other perks along the way. You won’t have to settle for a secondary or third house option, if yours is already taken.

Investing in property does have its quirks along the way, especially if you are new to the trade. Nevertheless, even the most seasoned investor in the industry started off somewhere, early on in his endeavours. It just falls down to how much effort you are willing to put in, to achieve it. Who knows, you may just hit the jackpot upon your very first investment trade with your future property here in Dubai!

Last modified: March 18, 2019