5 Out Of The Box Engagement Rings


When it comes to thinking about engagement rings, a diamond solitaire is usually the first that comes to mind. But engagement ring options are endless. Not everyone needs a big rock. Or a plain diamond.

If you’re looking for some unique engagement ring ideas, look no further than Kalmar Antiques Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1) Synthetic Diamonds

If your spouse-to-be doesn’t particularly want a natural diamond, but still wants a traditional engagement ring, man-made diamonds could be a great choice. Best of all, there are several choices to consider.

Materials like moissanite and cubic zirconia are considered to be diamond simulants. They look like real diamonds but are made up off different substances. The advantage here is that the stones are more affordable than real diamonds.

There is also cultured diamonds to consider, and they’re cultivated in a lab to duplicate the chemical, physical and optical properties of natural diamonds.

2) The Knot

If your lady has simple taste, you may want to consider a knot. A knot ring that is made using two different colours of gold can make for a beautiful engagement ring. It’s also a beautiful symbol of the intention to entwine your futures.

3) A Gemstone With Meaning

There’s a whole world of gorgeous gemstones other than diamonds. Each even has its own traditional meaning. Picking a gemstone with a special meaning is a unique engagement ring idea. Here’s what a few gems mean:

  • Garnet – commitment and devotion
  • Agate – protection and truth
  • Opal – love and passion
  • Pearls – harmony and purity
  • Ruby – happiness and opening of the heart
  • Rose quartz – peace and calm

4) A Claddagh Ring

This is a traditional Irish setting with a rich history. The Claddagh ring dates back to Roman times and features two hands, a crown and a heart to symbolise loyalty, love and friendship.

The hands clasped together represent your vows. Claddagh rings were popular as engagement rings during the Renaissance. Contact a few jewellery and antique shops to find out more about unique engagement rings.

5) A Family Heirloom

Before you spend months’ worth of salary on a diamond engagement ring, or any of the above options, check with your nearest and dearest family members to see if they have any heirlooms they would like to pass down.

Not only is it a good way to save big money, but pieces of history tend to be far more significant and meaningful. Even diamond rings that have been in your family for many generations become far more special than a brand-new purchased ring.

Just imagine how special it would be to present your beloved other half with a diamond ring that belongs to your great-grandmother. She’s sure to treasure it. Although, there’s also the option to buy a brand-new ring and create your very own family heirloom to pass down to your children.

There are so many options out there when it comes to engagement rings. From heirlooms and gemstones to antiques and traditional styles that you’re spoiled for choice! Ultimately, it’s up to what you and your significant other would like to commemorate your special bond.

Last modified: April 26, 2019