How do CEO’s Design Their Offices



Over the years I have had the chance to be in many of the top CEO’s offices through the past work I was doing. Many of them have extravagant offices with mahogany wood furniture.that feel more like a hotel suite and some are actually really messy with paper everywhere and hundreds of sticky notes. With a lot of disposable income many top executives decide to go all out.

One Liberty, Philadelphia

On the 51st floor of one liberty you can find amazing offices with some of the best views imaginable. Many company presidents have a These offices typically have a nice selection of wine and mahogany wood furniture. Philadelphia is a beautiful city with a ton of history and this building was the nicest in the city since it was originally built. My favorite office in the building was on the 51st floor. It was a corner office fill with antique statues and paintings, Persian rugs, and the best part which was the really powerful telescope set up perfectly by the window.

An Office Meant to Entertain

Many company presidents have an office that is designed to impress and entertained. Some of them even create facebook playable ads These offices typically have a nice selection of wine and mahogany wood furniture. One awesome feature is to have a porch. To have a business meeting outside with amazing wine and a nice view always sets a great tone. If this is a place where countless hours are going to be spent then it needs to be comfortable.


Furniture is always so hard to decide on. Typically it will be in your office for a long time so it is important to make sure everything is comfortable and sets the right tone. Furniture at Work has an awesome selection of furniture meant specifically for the office. From chairs to desks this is the place to check out. Shipping costs are low and fairly fast so you will not be waiting a long time for your furniture to arrive.

Enjoy your new setup!

Last modified: December 17, 2019