Get Organized: 10 Tips for Remote Job Interviews


With remote jobs listings and ad hacks increasing day after day people are making most of their time and are getting involved in job search and preparing for these jobs. Now that you’re done with building a competitive resume and writing a prospective cover letter, the recruiters are about to schedule an interview for a specific position. So this is only your one chance and the recruiter wishes to interview for that position. You can enjoy all the benefits of working remotely from home while doing something that you love.

We’ve penned down some tips to help you prepare for full-time remote job interviews

1. You can prepare the interview environment

So if you’re thinking of getting a remote job, you’ve got much better chances that the conversation would be about video interview for a remote job. You need to be sure that you’re about to find out about the software required for a meeting while matching time zones, then testing and downloading it. You can also prepare the area from which you’ll participating interview.

2. It’s better to have a professional look

it is suggested to turn the webcam on before going for the actual interview call. This assures that nothing within view is distracting or within motion. You can take your time to select on right clothing. The best measure is to dress in professional attire with a good fit. However, you also need to be aware of any jewelry or attire that creates a noisy mess and rubs on the microphone.

3. Manage noise to the lowest before the interview

While you’re facing a remote job interview, it’s best to keep your noise low while you’re in your house. This would involve asking anyone to take dog on walk or to keep a watch on kids. Turn the television and music off. Make sure that you’re facing any noise from the outside environment so it’s better to close your doors and windows.

4. Be humble and calm

Arrogance is a big no for any recruiter and while talking about your accomplishment can be a good start but bragging about them wouldn’t be a good measure. A great example in this measure would be to talk about your company profits as a result of your sales instead of claiming yourself as the best salesperson.

5. Keep a check on appearance Mic and Camera

This is similar to all the measures took for a traditional job interview as you’re just dressing well and showing up early. The fine news here for remote workers is to be in barefoot and in sweatpants if you wish to, as these are out of the viewfinder. However, with a total dress up some might feel more confident.

6. Prepare to give an intro on your motivations

If most of your work has been inside office hours during career, your hiring manager would think of why you’re thinking of going remote. According to a post on Flex jobs blog “It can be quiet simple for hiring manager to think about the worst while they do not understand anything that makes you choose a remote job.” Rather than dodging the room elephant, the best thing is to tackle head-on.

7. Mute yourself in group calls

Most of the remote teams meetings are held through video calls. On various group calls, the ideal protocol to follow is to mute yourself while you aren’t involved in the conversation. Showing that you’re familiar with the etiquette for virtual meetings is tantamount while having better manners. This would make a good positive first impression.

8. Prove that you’re cut on remote work

You can share information about you and your work from home experience with your interviewer in the interview. Talking about prior accomplishments is good for job interviews. Additionally the next thing is to do is to highlight your remote work experience.

9. Make yourself ready and be on time

It’s quite natural to be nervous on the interview, but you’ve got to calm down and do everything to be relaxed and rested before taking the interview call. Make sure to get all the equipment tests fifteen minutes prior to the interview so your environment is ready. While you’re attending an interview for a remote position for which you need to be self-directed, so things like punctuality should be considered.

10. Know more about the company

Turning an interviewing process to a good one isn’t simple as you know quite little about the questions you’re about to face. Doing your research beforehand can help you a lot about the company’s ethics. Whether you’re finding a role in different fields such as sales, healthcare or any other job, you can keep a good check on the company background with their ethics, interview questions and you must know about the potential employer who’ll interview you but you need to be yourself.

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Last modified: July 15, 2019