Planning a Unique Family Vacation to Scottsdale


Scottsdale is renowned not only for its luxurious spa resorts but also for its state-of-the-art golf courses. However, these are not the only attractions in Scottsdale. There are many other sites that you and your family can visit to relax and enjoy while in Scottsdale. Besides, there is a range of activities you and your family can enjoy ranging from art walk to amusement parks.

What to Expect

Scottsdale is likely to live up to your vacation dreams. The city has a pronounced culture in a beautiful environment. Its lavish lifestyle and its resorts are likely to be beyond everything you and your family expects a vacation place to be like.

Scottsdale has the ambient environment essential for a family vacation. It has many sceneries that you and your family can unwind in after months of tedious hard work either in school or at work. Sites such as Butterfly Wonderland, CrackerJax, and McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park offer the right scenery for your kids to relax. After taking your kids to the various age-friendly sites, you may choose to enjoy Scottsdale Happy Hour. There is something for the whole family.

Transportation and accommodation in Scottsdale are reliable and readily available. Private transport, as well as public ones such as metro light train and buses, help people move around quickly in Scottsdale. There are many world-class resorts and hotels; hence, you and your family are likely to get the accommodation you need in Scottsdale.

Things to Do in Scottsdale

There are plenty of activities you and your family may take part in while in Scottsdale.

• McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park: You should visit this place and experience the thrill of riding mini-train over the vast park. Your kids will also marvel at the displays of model rail in the park.

• Butterfly Wonderland: This is the largest butterfly atrium in the Union and can offer your kids the opportunity to enjoy the best of nature. The atrium has many butterflies, and their beauty will leave your kids animated.

• Grand Canyon: The diverse fauna and flora here are likely to leave your family exhilarated. The site has over 5 million visitors annually, and it can be an unforgettable site for your family.

Scottsdale has been a leading destination in recent years. Its beautiful scenery, coupled with its numerous sites for relaxing activities, makes it an ideal family destination. There is something for the entire family in Scottsdale.

Last modified: May 29, 2019