6 Benefits of a Golf Course Wedding


Over two million weddings occur annually in the United States. Many options are available depending upon your budget and vision. All couples would agree that their wedding day will be one of life’s most joyous occasions. However, the preparation leading up to this day may be one of the most stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider a golf course to help with planning a stress free wedding. This will allow you to maximize your excitement leading up to the day when you’ll say “I do.”

Start by allotting yourself adequate planning time and try to confirm your venue at least nine months to a year from your proposed wedding date.

1. Beautiful Landscaping

Golf courses are an ideal option for couples for multiple reasons. The landscaping is the perfect stage to create the most romantic and peaceful ambiance. Rest assured the grounds will be meticulously maintained before and on the actual morning of your wedding nuptials. Golf course ground maintenance occurs daily.

2. Wedding Planning Assistance

In addition to a beautiful stage for your show, you’ll also receive wedding planning assistance. All golf course weddings come with a wedding coordinator. A wedding coordinator will handle all of the planning as it relates to the execution of your wedding day to ensure it runs smoothly. After meeting with your wedding coordinator to confirm your preferences and to obtain an understanding of your vision, he or she will present you with options as it relates to your ceremony or reception. This includes various options related to appetizers and dinner options for your guests, linen colors, centerpieces, and cake options. You’ll simply review the options and specify your preferences and provide payment.

3. Variety of All-Inclusive Packages for Various Budgets

Your coordinator will first review your budget. There will be several all-inclusive packages of various price ranges for you to select from. All will include the highest level of quality. Less expensive options may include eliminating open bar as an option, less appetizer options for cocktail hour, or opting to serve your guests a buffet style dinner instead of a three-course plated meal. Your coordinator will review all of the available options with you that are suitable for your goals and vision, and will help you understand your golf course wedding budget.

4. Amazing Backdrop for Wedding Photos

Golf courses provide the best backdrop for wedding pictures as they are all-inclusive of natural decor such as lakes and small waterfalls, bridges, flowers, and perfectly manicured grass. It will be recommended that you consult with your wedding coordinator and photographer on the best places to take pictures depending on the season and actual time of your wedding. Visit the grounds and identify your preferences for your pictures prior to your actual wedding day. This will ensure that you’re getting the photos you want within your preferred location. You and your wedding party will be able to navigate the golf course grounds for your pictures on golf carts!

5. Perfect Location for All Seasons

Golf courses are an ideal wedding location for all seasons. Warmer months mean that you can have your wedding outside, and your guests can enjoy the ambiance of the outdoors. Cooler and winter months will mean that your wedding can take place inside of the banquet hall and your guests can enjoy the view from indoors. Golf courses will have heated covered porches where your guests can enjoy cocktail hour.

6. Ample Free Parking

Your guests are important and are sharing in this moment with you. Golf courses come with ample free parking and handicap accessibility. Providing them with these options will be greatly appreciated.

Consider a golf course for your wedding day. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the moment, as well as the amenities that such a natural and beautiful location has to offer.

Last modified: July 19, 2019