A Look At The Top Recliners Currently On The Market


A recliner is a special chair that comes with a headrest and footrest, plus additional features to support your muscles. These types of recliners can help you get rid of the back pain you may be dealing with. Recliners help make sure that your back receives comfort, which helps alleviate the pain. As you sit in the recliner, the weight of your upper body takes up most of the seat instead of your back. This allows your back muscles to relax.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity recliners can mimic your body shape and recline according to your individual needs. Zero gravity recliners can help alleviate the pressure on your spine and your back.


Classic recliners primarily offer lumbar support, as well as additional comfort for your feet. Classic recliners are a great option if you are dealing with back and neck pain.


Lifting recliners primarily assist elderly people who are dealing with arthritis and chronic back pain. Lifting recliners allow you to raise or lower the chair as needed. Lifting recliners also come with a massage and healing feature.

La-Z-Boy Anderson Reclina Rocker

The La-Z-Boy is one of America’s iconic brands. For over 70 years, the company has created excellent furniture. The Anderson Reclina Rocker has a padded back which allows you to enjoy additional lumbar support. You can manually control the sofa to get the angle that suits your needs. The Anderson Reclina Rocker also has a classy look.

Cozzia Dual Power Recliner

The Cozzia Dual Power Recliner has a zero gravity feature that allows you to position yourself into a good angle that will improve your posture and release some of the pressure off of your back. Cozzia’s recliner is considered lightweight with good height. The recliner has an adjustable footrest.

Mac Motion Oslo Collection

The Mac Motion Oslo Collection is well known for its elegance and versatility. Your legs will receive good support, and you can adjust the recliner as needed. The Mac Motion Oslo Recliner can be installed at home or at the office.

Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair combines style and substance. The recliner can assist you as you treat your back pain, spine pain, and tenderness in your knees. The Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair will help improve your blood circulation by relaying heat to the focal points of your body. The recliner also includes an air ottoman system and a built in LED digital display.

Homelegance Glider

The Homelegance Glider is known for its durability and high performance levels. The glider has both back and head rests, while also offering lumbar support.

Ekornes Stressless Metro

The Stressless Metro has innovative technology that helps support your neck and back in any position. This recliner also has the capability to keep track of your movements. The sofa comes with padded armrests and a head rest pillow that provide full body support.

Stressless Capri

The Stressless Capri recliner is known for its wide contours, cushions, and proportions. The Stressless Capri has a built-in plus and glide system that analyzes your movement and helps you find the most comfortable position. The Stressless Capri also includes a 360 degree swivel feature that allows you to adjust your views and helps ensure that your neck and back are properly aligned.

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Last modified: July 23, 2019