5 Indispensable Google AdWords Tricks You Need To Know


There are numerous ways to improve your Google AdWords campaign, and there are also various things you should be aware of. Digital marketing companies in Dubai tend to provide their clients with the best possible ways to reach their primary goals quickly, but to do so, they need to explain why are some ways better than the others as well as to give their clients the insight on how will these tricks help them achieve what they want. Neil Patel gave excellent explanations on which five indispensable Google AdWords trick you need to know about and which ones to implement into your campaign. To find more details about Neil’s ideas, follow this link https://neilpatel.com/blog/google-adwords-tricks/.

Things You Should Do?

First, getting your vision out there is important for your customers whether you are promoting ad’s on facebook or another platform.

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Here are the five AdWords tricks you should know about.

Having A Relevant Landing Page

Making sales is what PPC is all about, not only getting clicks. A good PPC ad will take your leads on to a relevant landing page, and landing page’s job is to make that potential customer into a buying customer. Think about optimizing your landing pages for PPC conversions by making the message of your ads to go along with your landing page’s message.

You should maintain the consistency between your landing pages, keywords, and ad copy, which will further improve your click-through and conversion rates. This will allow you to earn more money and conserve your budget at the same time.

Negative Keywords Optimization

Optimizing negative keywords is probably the best thing you can do to ensure the integrity of your AdWords Campaign. Facebook Campaigns can be very effective as well. AdWords provides you with insight into the keywords that are not good for your service or product. Providing Google with information about what your product is and isn’t, you can prevent your ads from popping-up on keyword searches that do not match the intentions of your customers. Digital marketing companies in Dubai would suggest that you should think about focusing on the needs of qualified customers and you’ll save a lot of money. It’s possible to add negative keywords to the campaign level, but you can also add unique keywords to specific groups when it needs to be done.

Using The Correct Keyword Match Type

AdWords relies on user’s intent through keywords. Every time that someone tries to find something through Google, AdWords will show relevant ads based on how the auction system considers the search term. Among the most critical pieces of a successful PPC campaign are the keywords you use along with the modifiers you use for these specific words. Four types of keyword matches are phrase match, exact match, broad and broad match modified.

Modify Keyword Match Type Along The Way

When launching the AdWords campaign, you should start with a few ad groups that will have strong themes of similar keywords. At the beginning of your campaign, using a Broad Match Modified match types is what you should do since they offer an exceptional level of control on when your ads will show. It also provides many opportunities for ads to show so you could collect the data. Doing a lot of research to understand what your competition is doing and how the market reacts is of the utmost importance. The first month is crucial since it allows you to learn first-hand how people perform searches as well as if their search relates to the product or services you offer.

Use Mobile Optimized Campaigns

Optimizing your campaigns for mobile users is essential since many people use their phones nowadays. Mobile-optimized campaigns give you a chance to engage mobile users in the correct format of their preferred device, and in doing so, your separated campaigns will drive more qualified clicks. In case you realize that mobile campaign makes a big part of conversions, you should copy an existing campaign and negative bid mobile for your original campaign. Doing vice versa and bidding negative on the desktop in the new mobile-only campaign is what you should also perform.

Think About Hiring Professional Help

In case you want professional digital marketers to help you with your Google AdWords campaign, our digital marketing agency Dubai is at your disposal. Schedule an appointment with our expert team, and let’s come up with an excellent strategy for your future campaign.

Last modified: February 13, 2020