Essential’s for Being a Best Man


Being a best man is a huge responsibly which involves not only your time but also money and a speech that entertains the crowd while painting a nice picture of the bride and groom. There are a few essentials to being a best man that most should know but it is nice to have a refresher.

Planning the Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor party could be a whole other article within itself. Once you decide on a place make sure you have all the essentials like beer, cash and a Black and Mild Filter Tip. Other thing like hotels and transport should be figured out way before you even start. Find out how many people are going along with everyones budget. From there find out the universal cost of everything and start planning. Stay in charge but accept feedback from everyone since they are also paying for this.

The Speech

The speech is the most intimidating and important part of your role as the best man. Besides for the ring the best man is responsible for creating a comedic, but serious and memorable speech. This speech is meant to paint a nice and funny picture of the bride and groom for everyone. Maybe there is a funny and mild story you can tell everyone or how this friend has helped you through your darkest times. The possibilities are endless but do not drink to much before. It will not help.

The best man is something that anyone should be honored to do. The responsibilities seem mild but it does take a lot more work than people realize. You are the one that helps the groom stay calm on the biggest day of his life.

Last modified: September 25, 2019