The Different Ways of Ingesting Tobacco


For thousands of years Tobacco has been a staple in many different cultures. Besides for that it is used in one form or another by hundred’s of millions of people worldwide. The ways of ingesting it mostly happens in trends. For example, it’s rare to see someone walking around smoking a cigar today compared to a few decades ago when they were almost as common as cigarettes. If you travel to Thailand and make your way to the back country many of the locals use a peace pipe in which they usually put local tobacco blends in. Now, more than ever a lot of people are deciding to try new ways.


If you are someone who likes to have the convenience of ingesting tobacco everywhere then Snus is going to be the best choice. Not only does it not smell but it also does not leave a mess. I usually go for Skruf super white if I am in a situation where I cannot smoke. Prices are always reasonable, and I can buy more than one can at a time. Can’s are also something that conveniently fits in my suit pocket or in my back pocket.


Believe it or not there is still a large community enjoying pipes. The industry stays strong because many people choose to use pipe tobacco to roll their own. It proves to be a fraction of the price compared to buying a pack, or even a carton at a time. There are many different styles to choose from which can turn into a hobby for many people. Not to mention the cool pictures of people having handlebar beards with a corncob pipe sticking out.


I know vaping is not technically tobacco to most people, but it should be mentioned since that is the most prevalent way of ingestion in many countries. The thing is vaping became a huge industry mainly because of Juul. They formulated a way to have a higher nicotine salt with a smoother flavor and claim they get this “salt” straight from the tobacco plant. Of course, vaping deserves it own article within itself but that is the main way people are ingesting.

Whether you choose to smoke a cigar, use snus, or even take a puff from the juul remember to always use it responsibly.

Last modified: November 1, 2019