Finding New Ways to Have Healthy Relationships


If you are or were the type of person who has had issues finding healthy people to have relationships in the past then this is for you. Unhealthy relationships are all around us whether directly or indirectly. How many times have you had to tell your best friend that his or her relationship is not healthy and is not going to work. It’s hard for many to get out of those situations because they feel like it has become a normal way of living life. There are so many different things that can lead to a unhealthy relationship so here are a few tips of advise for finding someone that is worth your time where you don’t have to catch a cheater.

Go Places Other Healthy People Go To Let Off Steam

This may seem odd but typically if you go to a yoga class people are generally happy in a chemical free way compared to going to the bar. When you meet someone doing something to stay in shape and keep their brain healthy then that is a good fist step to finding someone. If you think about it you are basically changing your surroundings. Being around the same people leads to the same situations over and over again.

See a Therapist

Everyone needs a baseline person, and someone to keep them accountable who does not have any personal interest in their life. It can be nice to have someone to bounce ideas, opinions, and situations off of. Heads can be a cloudy place sometime so going to see someone can really clear it up. Now do not just start seeing a therapist for relationship advice because you never know what there personal life is actually like.

Go to Events

If you have any skills or hobbies then going to places dedicated to them will allow you to find other like minded people. Having a strong interest in something is great and should be shared with other people. This may not lead to finding the one but you may be surprised at how many new and friendly relationships you may start to have.

Overall finding ways to break the cycle is never easy. It is a long process that involves a serious mindset change. Noone should feel stuck though so if you find yourself in that position start to look into ways to combat that.

Last modified: November 8, 2019