Nesma Airlines Offer Low Flight Prices & Great Comfort



If you are considering to visit Saudi Arabia either for travel or business, then there are thirteen international airports through which you can enter this beautiful country. Amongst the various airlines which connect the airport to Saudi Arabia is Nesma Airlines.  The airlines started off its journey on June 2010 , and since then the company has grown multiple folds expanding its service to domestic and international ports. 

If you are planning to book intercity flights in Saudi Arabia, then it is advisable to consider Nesma Airlines as it is a low budget airline and sometimes you can even get a discount of up to 50%. This airline is a flag carrier of the Arabic Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nesma Airlines, which was established in the year 2010, is a reputed Saudi Arabian Airline that operates domestic as well as international flights. Headquartered in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this airline flies to sixteen destinations which include international countries and domestic cities. Nesma Airlines is a full-service air carrier on the international routes as you get a choice to travel either Business or Economy class. While travelling on the domestic route, there’s no option other than Economy Class.  When you do Nesma Airlines booking, you get various services from a comfortable journey, courteous staff to variousonboard facilities to make your journey a relaxing one.  

Key features of Nesma Airlines:

The fleet of Nesma Airlines 

This airline currently operates with a fleet of the following aircrafts:

Current Fleet From Egypt:

Airbus A319-100: 1 

Airbus A320-200: 2

Current Fleet from Saudi Arabia: 

Airbus A320-200: 2 

ATR72-600: 4 

An Airbus A319-100 can carry up to 150 passengers whereas an Airbus A320-200 can carry up to 180 passengers. ATR72-600 aircraft is used for charter services , and it can carry up to 70 passengers.  Of these, the Airbus 319 is the most advanced one which has all the state of the art amenities that makes travelling comfortable. 

Destinations covered by Nesma Airlines:

The scheduled flights of Nesma Airlines as of May 2017 include:

  • Flight services to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Cairo in Eygpt which is one of the bases for this airline 
  • 15 cities of Saudi Arabia: Hail and Jeddah are the base for this airline

Besides this, Nesma Airlines also operates charter flights from Eygpt to places in Europe, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Poland. From 21st November 2016, this airline started new operational routes between, and Jeddah to Riyadh, Damman, and Hail. There are two scheduled flights on a daily basis between Jeddah and Damman as well as Hail, whereas between Jeddah and Riyadh this airline operates six daily flights. 

Doing Nesma Flight Booking Online

For Nesma airlines booking, you can rely on Cleartrip. The website has an easy to use interface, allowing you to make the booking easily. All you need to do is to add your details along with the date of travel . Once you are done with filling the information, you will be guided to payment mode. There are various payment options; you also have the provision of Flexipay that lets you pay the amount in easy instalments. There is also the option of downloading the Cleartrip app, for fast & easy Nesma Airlines booking.

Ways to save money on Nesma Airline booking on Cleartrip

Booking flight tickets through Cleartrip gives you easy access to some special deals and discounts. If you want to save your money for travel booking, then you must choose to book it least 45-60 days before the date of travelling. Cleartrip offers great discounts and wonderful deals on Nesma Airline tickets which can help you save a significant amount. You can save huge on Cleartrip while booking a flight ticket for this airline. It is also advisable to book your tickets in advance in order to avail of cheaper flight rates. One of the best things about booking your Nesma Airline ticket from Cleartrip is that it provides you with the option of canceling your tickets and reschedule it. All you have to do is speak to the customer care agent or email Cleartrip about your unavoidable reasons to cancel and reschedule your Nesma air ticket. This also helps you to save a significant amount which can incur due to the cancellation of your flight ticket. Apart from booking flight tickets, you can also make the booking for hotels , plan your stay and get information that will help you enjoy your stay. 

Over a period of years, Nesma Airlines has become extremely popular amongst the people of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, because of the exceptional service, punctuality, extravagant in-flight experience, scrumptious food, wonderful customer service, and lots more. And if you are planning a trip to Saudi Arabia or Egypt or places where Nesma Airlines serves, then you must book the tickets on Cleartrip.

Last modified: November 4, 2019