Top 4 Apps to Download Before You Travel


Traveling always sounds fun until it gets down to the nitty gritty. Whether you’re planning a solo trip or a group outing, getting everything together can be stressful, and it continues to feel that way until you’ve arrived at your destination.

Here are four apps that will help alleviate the pain and stress of traveling.

#1 – Hopper

There are many apps out there that help you book flights, but none of them are as good as Hopper. This app features tools that every traveler needs: the lowest airfare rates, flight trackers, and predictions on the best time to book your planned flight.

Hopper can predict flight prices up to one year in advance, and the app notifies you when the lowest price point is coming up for your flight.

This tends to be the most stressful part when it comes to booking a flight, as airfare prices always fluctuate over time. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the best time to book a flight is, so this tool is definitely helpful.

They recently introduced an option for booking hotels, too. Being able to do two things within the Hopper app makes it even easier for travelers to get things done.

#2 – HotelTonight

Now, you never know what could happen during your trip. Maybe the hotel you first chose accidentally canceled your reservation, or the Airbnb you booked didn’t exactly end up looking like the photos that you saw on the site. One can only hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does, HotelTonight will be your savior.

Through the HotelTonight app, you can find discounted hotel accommodations at the last minute. This saves you time when you’re scurrying around looking for a place to stay instead of searching Google.

This app helps filter out the best deals for you to score when you’re in a time crunch. I would highly recommend that you download this app even if you don’t need it right away. It makes for a good back-up plan for emergencies.

#3 – Slotomania

Whether you’re at the airport waiting for your flight or just sitting in the car waiting to arrive at your destination, you need something to help you pass the time. Make sure you have some fun options downloaded to your phone.

Casino gaming apps have become more popular, and most apps offer the chance to play for real money or for free. Slotomania is among one of the best new online casinos out there, offering an easy user interface, awesome graphics, and even better bonuses. This app mimics the same bonuses and payouts that you would receive through a regular casino.

I recommend trying an online casino gaming app if you don’t live near a casino, as this is a great way to introduce yourself to the industry.

Give it a go and download Slotomania! You’ll soon understand why this app made it onto our list.

#4 – AtYourGate

This next app deserves more recognition than it gets. AtYourGate is a revolutionary app that works similar to delivery services like UberEats, except it only services people sitting inside the airport.

AtYourGate fixed many problems that a lot of travelers face as they go through an airport. Sometimes, you run into the issue of your gate being too far away from your favorite food spot in the airport. Or maybe you’re simply too tired to walk over to grab a bite during your layover.

If this has happened to you, download AtYourGate right now. This delivery service is like no other!

You can wait at your gate and someone will deliver whatever you need from any place within the airport. The great part about this is that you’re able to order from multiple establishments inside the airport. You can order a burger and a phone charger and it will come directly to you, no matter how far away it is from your actual gate.


No matter where you’re traveling, it’ll always be a good time. But before you get there, it can get a little chaotic.

Hopefully, the apps on this list will help make things easier for you, allowing you to focus solely on your destination.

Stay safe and happy travels!

Last modified: November 21, 2019