Being a Bachelor in the New Decade


The term bachelor has been used for a long time to describe a post school aged male that is not yet married or currently in a relationship. Many men love being a bachelor because of all the freedoms and experiences they get to have compared to their piers that have already been married. Their is no right way to be a bachelor, but their are definitely wrong ways. Their are also a ton of tips and tricks to enjoying the life.


Dating has changed so quickly over the past five years that chances are most of the younger couples you see have probably met online or on an app. It can be quite hard to get started which can cause a dry spell. A tip to get over those dry spells is to use the best jsdolls for relief. Just make sure to put it away when you want to have someone over since something like that can get awkward.

Back to dating, you’re going to need to take a few natural pictures. It’s best if you ask a friend to follow you around for an hour taking pictures of you in different places. For a swiping app the first picture you put should always be of your face and never a group photo.

“Bachelor Pad”

This term has to be used loosely since many men have tried to call a tiny decrepid studio with cheetos on the floor a bachelor pad. If you check out the movies a bachelor pad is usually portrayed as a penthouse apartment with large windows and leather furniture. You are going to want to shoot for the penthouse apartment but obviously that is not going to be possible for everyone. Basically, just keep your place functional and clean

Last modified: January 13, 2020