Which Businesses are Having the Largest Growth in 2020


There are many types of businesses that are growing at a fast rate due to the emergence of technology. These different types of businesses are now able to expand and reach client bases they have not been able to reach in the past. This makes it so that there are many different types of growing businesses that are emerging in the market that have not traditionally been available in the past. Below are some examples of these types of products and services.

1) Senior Aging Services

Senior Aging Services is a product category that has not typically been available in the past but there are many different types of benefits that can come from senior care services and companion programs. Whether the needs are minimal or considerable, there are a wide variety of senior care programs available by organizations such as SpectrumHealthCare.com which have not been available in the past including diving and housekeeping companions as well as overnight assistance companions in cases where these may be necessary.

Aging services is becoming a large industry mostly due to the baby boomers that were born in the few years after WWII. Marketing for these companies is important whether it’s SaaS or something else.

2) Scheduling and Time Entry Solutions

Scheduling and time entry solutions are more relevant and important now than ever due ot the widespread use of technology in a wide variety of contexts. Scheduling and keeping time reliably helps make it so that information can be managed much more specifically and precisely which can lead to much greater efficiency. This is a main reason why time scheduling and entry technologies such as Sparkrock for Online Employee Scheduling Software is another category of products and services that are expanding rapidly as well.

3) Enhanced Performance Compression Wear

Enhanced performance compression wear is another category of business that is rapidly expanding due to the performance improvements that these types of products can provide and the widespread advancement of technology pertaining to this area. Clothing that is more specifically compressed provides a variety of performance advantages than standard attire which has made this one of the most rapidly growing fields as well. https://legioncompressionsocks.com/collections/compression-socks is one example of how technology can influence even the way clothing is designed and prepared as it enhances performance and longevity.


Technology is making its way into a wide variety of fields and resulting in many different changes taking place to both consumer preferences and expectations. Know of any other field technology is rapidly changing? Let us know down below!!


Last modified: February 13, 2020