4 of the Best Restaurants in NYC


As most people know, New York City is one of the biggest cities in the United States.  The gathering of different people and cultures is what makes NYC so unique. There are so many different people and cultures brought together in one place. 

New York was the first place that most people who came to the country for the first time saw and settled. There are so many different cultures embedded in the city, and with this culture comes some great foods. Food is a large reason why NYC is such a great and unique city to dine. 

Below is a list of some of the best places to eat in the Big Apple. 

Liebman’s Deli

Liebman’s Deli is the stereotypical rough-cut deli with a twist. It’s kosher. The Liebmans are a Jewish family that started a diner, and they prepared amazing kosher food for not only Jewish clientele but also the rest of the public. 

Sushi Noz

Sushi Noz is an expensive elegance that many people can’t afford. You watch a professionally trained sushi artist slice and fry the most intricate dishes you have ever seen. But it is at a high price. 

Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna

Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna is a unique option that can only be found in NYC. They have been serving homemade Greek-style entrees for years, and what’s excellent about Gregory’s is that there isn’t a dish on the menu that is over 30 dollars. It’s one of the most affordable meals in New York, but also one of the best. 

Superiority Burger 

Not only is Superiority Burger one of the best burger joints in Lower Manhattan, but it’s also entirely vegetarian. Some people scoff at the thought of a veggie burger, but Brooks Headly is continuously on the hunt for the newest and freshest ingredients. 


Overall, New York is one of the most cultural cities in the United States, and it’s an excellent place for you and your family to visit. One of the most beautiful things about New York is the food there. 

What makes the food in New York unique is the fact that so many different cultures blended in one spot. This creates a variety of foods for you and your family to choose from. Not York is a great place to visit, but you and your family might love it enough to move there! Now is the time because Manhattan real estate is hot.

Last modified: September 8, 2020