Want to Elevate Your Graduation Celebrations During Coronavirus? Here’s How to Pull It Off


With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic cancelling most gatherings, it has been a disappointing time for those who had been looking forward to celebrating important milestones this year.

But perhaps no one from that segment is as dismayed as the Class of 2020, who do not only have to graduate from their respective high schools and colleges amid a pandemic, but also have their celebrations clamped down by the outbreak.

While Zoom calls and FaceTime chats can provide some much needed comfort to these young students, it can seem all too mechanical for a traditional celebration of their achievement. Thankfully, you can turn to traditional stationery to bring a personal touch to these events.

Through popular stationery provider Basic Invite, you can make college and high school graduation announcements and send celebratory invitations in a traditional manner. This not only helps you personalize the virtual graduation party, but also shows a greater appreciation for your graduate’s hard work.

Choose from Unlimited Color Combinations

At Basic Invite, you can choose from a vast variety of design templates. But that’s not all. Its online design tool also lets you customize specific colors on your chosen stationery.

This means that whenever you are working with a design template, you have the option to choose from over 180 colors for each element of your chosen card. This provides you with virtually unlimited color combinations, and makes sure that your cards are in line with your graduate’s personality.

Pick Through Available Themes

Apart from highly specific color customizations, you can make your selection from specialized themes that add even more ease of use to your stationery designing process. These designs are also available in foil cards, which bring a touch of elegance through their rose gold, gold and silver accents.

With an array of college announcement cards, graduation party invites, and customized mailing envelopes, you can find exactly what you need to make your graduation party a success. Since you are still able to customize these interesting designs with your choice of colors, you can ensure that they are right according to your own liking.

Order Custom Samples

Instead of having to order hundreds of cards to see how they look off the screen, you can order individual custom samples to determine their texture, feel, and touch. This ensures that you can customize your cards to the very last detail.

The best part? Since there is no minimum requirement for you to order a card, you can purchase as little or as many pieces as you like. This ensures that you can throw a memorable graduation celebration during COVID-19, even when you are on a budget.

Mail Your Cards Directly

In case your graduate wanted to send thank you cards to their teachers, mentors, or classmates, you can ensure to do so without putting your safety at risk during the pandemic. With Basic Invite’s address capturing and direct mailing service, you can have your cards sent directly to the recipients.

With Basic Invite’s solutions, you can have your recipients’ addresses printed on customized envelopes before having them mailed directly. With over 40 envelope designs to choose from, this aspect strikes the perfect balance between customization and comfort.

To show its appreciation to its customers during COVID-19, Basic Invite is offering a 15% discount on all purchases with coupon code: 15FF51.

This means that if you want to celebrate your graduate’s achievement in a profound way, there is no better time than now.


Last modified: September 8, 2020