A Look At 10 Different Activities To Make Lockdown Bearable


The lockdown has forced many to online shop, bake way too much banana bread and also watch too many movies. So if you’ve already done everything on that list you might find yourself stuck on what to do next. Maybe we can help you out and find something here for you.

If you’re looking to banish boredom but find yourself on a budget, don’t worry. We’re here to provide you with a list of free and fun activities that you can do all while abiding by the rules of the new reality we are living in.

Take a look at these options and find some inspiration to get back ‘out’ there.

1. Explore your own city

Download a free walking tour for your local area or map out a route you’d like to take and include all the landmarks and sights you’re interested in. Make sure you wear your mask if you plan on going somewhere with many people and just start walking. You’ll get some exercise to work off all that banana bread, and you’ll be distracted enough by the sights that you won’t even notice that you’re exercising.

Even the smallest villages and towns have some impressive architecture or landmarks, so why not just explore.

Due to recent events, many museums and galleries are hosting virtual tours, so why not tune in to one if you aren’t in the mood to go out. You’ll be supporting the museums, and you’ll be killing time looking at fine art and fascinating finds.

2. Host a virtual event

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Haven’t seen your friends in a while and looking for something to do? Why not host a virtual movie night through apps like Zoom or Netflix Party. Choose the movie in advance to avoid indecisiveness, get some snacks, get in the comfy pyjamas and press play.

If that’s not your thing, then why not host a virtual book club? Pick a new book every 2-3 weeks and have an open discussion with all your friends about what you thought about the book.

Alternatively, you can organise a weekly quiz that teams can take part in. A quiz will help stimulate your brain, and you might learn some interesting new facts that you can use after lockdown to impress someone you fancy.

3. Have a picnic!

Grab some snacks and invite some friends because it’s time for a lovely picnic in the sun. Make sure you’re still socially distancing with your friends and have everyone bring their own food and drink and have a good old catchup.

4. Take a two-wheeled trip

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Dust that bike off or hire one along the way for a nice bike ride around town or into the countryside. This can be a great way to explore and get some exercise in at the same time. A safe and inexpensive form of travel that the whole family can do. Avoid the crowds and get on that bike!

5. Look at what you already have available

Are you tired of looking at that dull chest of drawers in the lounge? Why not revamp it by giving it a fresh lick of paint and upcycle some furniture in your house.

If you’re not into DIY projects, make a three-course meal out of the contents of the cupboards. Cooking will challenge you and you might end up with a new hobby and a brilliant meal to celebrate.

Maybe you could dig out some colour pens or some paint and sit in the garden and paint some nature. Practice makes perfect, so don’t be embarrassed by your first try. You’ll have plenty of time to perfect your art skills.

6. Volunteer locally

It’s free, and you’ll feel great helping out the community. Call up a local charity organisation and ask how you could be of help. They might need some hands in the kitchen or someone to run supplies around. It will make good use of your time.

7. Have fun in the back garden

Dig out the camping supplies and pitch the tent. Have a fun weekend in the garden toasting smores and looking at the stars. Camping will be fun for the whole family and 100% safe unless you’re counting the mosquitos…

8. Make contact

Message that friend you haven’t spoken to in years or give them a call. Rekindle the friendship that you once valued so much. You could alternatively write them a letter. This option might take a little more time to respond to, but it will feel really old school, and you can get quite creative.

9. Do some window shopping

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Browse the online shopping sites for some home or wardrobe inspiration. When you don’t have the money to spend, you might even find inspiration for that next DIY project. Give your house a little bit of makeover. It can be boring staring at the same boring walls every day

10. Pamper yourself at home

Transform your bathroom into a little spa sanctuary and order some affordable treatments online. Treat yourself! We all deserve some TLC during these times, so why not be the one to make it happen. Dress up for yourself and make yourself that lovely meal.

So times are changing, and it’s time to embrace the change. Let it inspire you to take some time out of your day for yourself. Now that you’ve been left alone with yourself for so long, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and have some fun.


Last modified: September 8, 2020